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Horse Racing

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Horse Racing is a big part of the sporting landscape in the UK but despite that and the fact there are horse races practically every day, if you are not wanting to watch the action from major meets, the chances are that you won’t be able to see the action or at least without an expansive subscription to pay TV channels such as At The Races.
Horse Racing Live Streaming

Watch Horse Racing Live

Watch Horse Racing
The good news is that here at GGTV we bring you links to 100% LEGAL streams of live horse races from across the UK and Ireland and even from further afield including France, South Africa, the USA and elsewhere- basically if it is a horse race and there are cameras at it, we will bring you it!

Horse Racing Live Streaming

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Step 1: Click here to sign up to (A funded account/deposit is needed) (If you already have an account go to step 2

Step 2: Click on “Live Streaming”, found at the top of the page, in the darker green area.

Step 3: To watch a race about to start select live on the left hand side or to see future races, select schedule. In the ‘All Sports’ menu select ‘Horse Racing’.

Step 4: Click on the text stating the track/race (on the left hand side) and if you are logged in and bet on the action, the race will appear on the screen. If not, simply place a bet on the race and then follow these steps.
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Here at GGTV we review all of the leading bookmakers and some lesser known ones, show you which websites are showing the race and race meets you are wanting to watch and give you the direct links to them.
Where Can I Watch Horse Racing Live?
Then majority of our streams come from bookmakers who have paid for the rights to show live horse racing action but like everything in life some bookmakers are better than others with their streaming service.

Sportsbook Stake Needed Review Watch Live
1 Registration and deposited account needed Review Register to Watch
2 £1 Review Register to Watch

Basically, GGTV is all that you need to be able to watch live horse racing and horse race meetings, so if you are a fan of the races, a betting fan or simply have been given a great tip and are wanting to watch a race live- GGTV is the place for you.

Horse Racing Festivals

Throughout the year, races course up and down the country host their own Festivals of Racing. These up to a weeklong festivals features big race after big race, the best horses, jockeys and trainers and massive crowds.

As well as been fantastic events for those in attendance, with tracks offering lots of course activities and attractions, they are always popular for those wanting to bet on the horses and that is where GGTV comes into it’s own as we bring you all you need to know on where to bet and watch the very best Horse Racing Festivals throughout the year.

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Horse Racing
Horse Racing is all about 1 thing and 1 thing only- winning. No matter if you are a jockey, owner, trainer or a fan.

There is nothing quite like cheering on the horse you have backed as it gallops down the home straight towards the line. Whilst you can of course bet each way and give yourself the chance to win by just coming up short, seeing your horse stay out in front or come from behind the take the win on the line is right up there with the most jubilant sporting moments.

The beauty of horse racing is that whilst in most sports those big moments happen just a few times a year, in racing those movements happen multiple times a week thanks to not just the sheer volume of racing around the world but also thanks to the handicap system keeping racing so close.

To enjoy those moments the most, you really need to be at then racecourse itself where the atmosphere allows you to enjoy that winning feeling the most but that isn’t always an option. The next best thing is to watch the action live and with just about every race filmed, it has never been simpler watching horse racing live via GGTV and our live streaming partners.

For trainers, owners and jockeys there are other attributes of horse racing that deem whether they have been a success or not. From trophies and plates for winning races to awards for been the top jockey, trainer or owner over a season, there are lots rewards on offer in horse racing and thanks to GGTV, you can watch the top ranked jockeys, horses and trainers all year round.
Horse Racing Live

Horse Racing is almost unique amongst sports as the majority of those watching don’t have a team to follow, a favourite player or even a ‘home ground’ to watch the action in but there are certainly a number of similarities with popular sports such as football and rugby league.

Instead of having a team to follow many horse racing fans follow horses from certain trainers or stables, instead of a favourite team many horse racing fans have favourite horses. Instead of favourites players many horse racing fans have favourite jockeys and many horse racing fans have favourite race tracks.

Horse racing also offers a great sporting spectacle in each and every race as despite there always been a favourite you can never be sure of who will win. The roar of the crowd as the horse enter the home straight is always a heart racing experience and there is always something exciting about the atmosphere at a horse racing meeting, especially on big race days and during festivals.

Unfortunately, with horse racing happening almost every day of the year at racecourse around the world it can be almost impossible to follow the action live in person. Thankfully just about every horse race in the world is televised and the races are avaiaolbe to watch live online.

The hardest part of watching horse racing live used to be finding where you can watch the action. That isn’t the case anymore however as we do all of the hard work for you. Here at GGTV we bring you a wide range of options on how you can watch live horse racing.

You can simply follow our recommendation and choose which we believe is best or follow the links on GGTV an choose the best option for a specific country, region or race track.

Maybe you have a favourite bookie or live streaming website and you simply want to check to see if they live stream the race track you are interested in. The good news is that you can do just that via GGTV and we even make it simple for you. Simply follow the links above or below, choose your track and follow the links.

Watch Horse Racing Live

Watching live horse racing has never been simpler, simply choose from on of our horses live streaming partners below.

Sportsbook Stake Needed Review Watch Live
1 Registration and deposited account needed Review Register to Watch
2 £1 Review Register to Watch

Long gone are the days of trudging down to your local bookies to watch live horse racing or subscribing to an expensive pay tv subscription, now you can watch live horse racing online with every race from every UK race track available to watch.

Not only that but live races from across Europe, South Africa, the USA, Singapore, Australia and elsewhere can all be watched- so there really is no more excuse as to why cannot watch horse racing live.

Our horse racing live streams are all 100% legal, 100% safe and are available to all over the age of 18.