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USA Horse Races

USA Horse Races
Horse racing in the United State of America has a long history that despite the often ultra conservative views on betting and gambling in the US continues to excel to this day.

Watch racing from the United States of America live online via our USA races live stream partners.

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United States Races Live Streaming

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USA Races Live

Racing can be traced all of the way back to 1665, when the former Newmarket course was founded in Salisbury, New York.

There is a wide variety of horse racing to be found in the Unites States with Endurance Racing, Quarter Horse Racing and Harness Racing all popular but here at GGTV we focus on Thoroughbred Horse Racing and in the United States that means Flat Racing.

In 1668 the first American Stud Book was established as was the first organised horse racing in the US. The sport grew at an incredible rate to were 314 race courses were opened by 1890. In 1894, then American Jockey club was formed and with it, horse racing took on a professional form that continues to this day- although with some tweaks and modernisation.

During the early 1900’s and with the anti-gambling sentiment of this turbulent time in American history, gambling and bookmaking was ruled to be illegal which almost led to an end of the Sport of Kings in the States but with the introduction of ‘Parimutuel Betting’ the racing industry was turned on its head and began to prosper again.

The industry was badly impacted by World War 2 but soon after the end of the war the countries sporting interested was piqued by the horses winning the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes). This return of interest in horse racing continued to grow and it was not just the big races that grabbed people’s imagination but horse racing in the Unites States of America quickly became and enjoyable pastime at racecourses across the country.

100% Legal Live Streams

All of the live horse racing streams featured on GGTV are 100% legal and 100% safe. Many websites feature illegal streams that simply steal the content direct from the likes of At The Races and Racing UK and whilst there may be a small cost to watch the races via legal streams (but let’s face it you are likely to be betting on the action anyway!) you can be sure that there are no computer viruses and/or other nasty’s infecting your computer/phone/tablet when watching.

So How is GGTV Different?

The streams that we feature here on GGTV are offered by bookmakers who have paid for the rights to bring you live horse racing action, so you can watch races that you have bet on.

What Can You Watch?

Different bookies have different services with some only focusing on the UK and Ireland whilst some bring you the action from all around the world. If you are after a specific race, please visit our preview section or for all races from a specific track, check out our track guides.

You can also click on the bookies in the table above for all the info you need.